Her death, a few hours after launching, transformed her into a legendary symbol of sacrifice." Many dogs were shortlisted, but Laika, a 3 year old husky-spitz mix, was finally selected because she was the most well behaved. Lately she was ill. The actual cause of death was probably overheating due to a mechanical malfunction. I even told her, "be strong. Today, my dog passed away. In 1957, a Soviet street dog named Laika launched into space aboard Sputnik-2 and became the first animal to orbit the Earth. Scooped up from a back … “She stayed strong until the end and went peacefully,” her owners wrote on her Facebook page Wednesday. Laika… One of Laika’s keepers, Vladimir Yazdovsky, took Laika to his home where Laika played with his kids. She was a female terrier, starved and abandoned, wandering the streets of Moscow. He later recalled that “Laika was quiet and charming”. - Olesya Turkina, author of Soviet Space Dogs ... An original video showing Laika being training for space flight. Laika’s death was avoidable. If you love cute animal videos, there’s a good chance you remember Internet star Mishka the Talking Husky. That dog’s name was Laika. This is her story. It was a one-way trip, and everyone knew it but Laika. The beautiful dog took her talent beyond the online world, and also appeared on TV talk shows, commercials and in movies. Jeremy Howard, Laika’s owner, set up the video call between his pet and Henri, who is his parents’ dog. On April 6, the Ramelton, Ireland man captured footage of the two dogs … The Soviets had boasted that she would have all the comforts she needed to survive and return home safely. ***2018 Webby Nominee for best science and education video*** When the international press reported the Soviets sent a dog into orbit, the public freaked. It hurts me really. Don't leave me." The shuttle started getting hotter and hotter, soon going well past 40 degrees Celsius (100 °F) and rising into sweltering extremes. Laika, wherever you are now, I know that you know that you are loved by me, by Nanay (mother in Filipino language) and tatay (father), and everybody in the house. The temperature control system on the hastily built satellite malfunctioned. The story of Laika lives on today in websites, YouTube videos, poems and children’s books, at least one of which provides a happy ending for the doomed dog. This is the second time that my soul grieves for the death of a dear dog. In the original plan, Laika was to come home. For centuries the Yakutian Laika was an irreplaceable and faithful assistant of a man in the conditions where the slightest demonstration of weakness was punished with death. All that changed, though, because of Khrushchev. The new documentary, which—according to Wired—will turn your stomach and break your heart, tells the story of Laika, a dog who died aboard Sputnik 2 after being blasted into space by experimenters who knew they were condemning her to a horrible death. In the book "Space Dogs" by Laurence King, Laika… Just like Blackfish made you shun SeaWorld, Space Dogs implies an action step of its own. Laika died within seven hours, sometime during her fourth circuit around the Earth, in excruciating pain. Some scientists recalled that Laika was a good dog. Khrushchev viewed Laika’s journey as a piece of propaganda, and he wanted it timed to perfection.

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