II, 177 sq. At the point when the average human life span is eighty-four thousand years long, for every hundred years that pass, the life span is shortened by one year, and the average human height decreases by one inch. Sight, seeing. 122; Mhvs 1, 44; cp. In the Puranas, and already in the Atharvaveda, there are fourteen worlds, seven higher ones (vyahrtis) and seven lower ones (patalas), viz. Fourteen rajjus in height, it is not uniform in breadth—broadest at the bottom, narrowest at the centre, broader still above and at the top narrower once again. Loka, (cp. the 7 above, and 7 lower regions called in the order of their descent below the earth — A-tala, Vi-tala, Su-tala, Rasā-tala, Talā-tala, Mahā-tala, and Pātāla; cf. on P.VII. Their primary canon of literature is divided in two broad categories: The Kangyur, which consists of Buddha’s words, and the Tengyur, which includes commentaries from various sources. There are about 90 Million Speakers Worldwide It’s an Indian language mainly spoken by the people of Maharashtra.You can use multibhashi to learn Marathi from English with just little efforts and Concentration. S. I, 12; IV, 127, 312; V, 132; It. A world, a division of the universe; in general three Lokas are enumerated; viz:—heaven, hell, and earth: another classification enumerates seven, exclusive of the infernal regions; viz:—Bhur-loka the earth, Bhuvar-loka the space between the earth and the sun, the region of the Munis, Sidd'has, &c.; Swar-loka the heaven of Indra, between the sun and the polar star; Mahar-loka the usual abode of Bhrigu, and others saints, who are supposed to be co-existent with Brahma: during the conflagration of these lower worlds, the saints ascend to the next, or Jana-loka, which is described as the abode of Brah- Ma'S sons, Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana, and Sanatkumara; above this, is the fifth world or the Tapo-loka, where the deities called Vairagis reside; the seventh world, Satya-loka or Brahma-loka, is the abode of Brahma, and translation to this world exempts beings from further birth: the three first worlds are destroyed at the end of each Kalpa or day of Brahma; the three last at the end of his life, or of 100 of his years; the fourth Loka is equally permanent, but is uninhabitable from heat, at the time the three first are burning: another enumeration calls these seven worlds, earth, sky, heaven, middle region, place of births, mansion of the blest, and abode of truth, placing the sons of Brahma in the sixth division, and stating the fifth or Jana-loka to be that, where animals destroyed in the general conflagration are born again. Add word 100. he was joined by Kitti (afterwards Vijayabahu I.). 1. English words for loka include crank and madwoman. (ayaṃ lokaḥ, ‘this world’; asau or paro lokaḥ, ‘that or the other world’; loke or iha loke, ‘here on earth’, opp. Often (unspecified) in the comprehensive sense of “universe. Discover the meaning of loka in the context of Tibetan Buddhism from relevant books on Exotic India, Also see "Vacara" (translation: 'Sphere'). to form collectives), [Kāvya literature; Vasiṣṭha; Kathāsaritsāgara] etc. They are repeated at Ps. ...] the earth or world of human beings etc., [Manu-smṛti; Mahābhārata] etc. A world, a division of the universe, [Vikramorvaśī, (ed. of rūpa) and rujati. ); Pv. But even if the Buddhas of the ten directions looked for the nature (lakṣaṇa), they would not find it, for the aggregates are without a starting point (āgamasthāna), without a resting point (stitisthāna) and without a point of departure (nirgamasthāna). 34, 8. But in order to conform to the prejudices (abhiniveśa) of worldly folk, we speak of the world. The definition of ayaṃ loko at Nd1 60 is given as: sak’attabhāva, saka-rūpa-vedanā etc., ajjhatt’āyatanāni, manussa-loka, kāmadhātu; with which is contrasted paro loko as: parattabhāva, para-rūpavedanā, bāhir’āyatanāni, devaloka, rūpa- & arūpadhātu.—The rise and decay of this world is referred to as samudaya and atthaṅgama at S. II, 73; III, 135; IV, 86; A. V, 107.—Cp. 5) A collection, group, class, company; आकृष्टलीलान् नरलोकपालान् (ākṛṣṭalīlān naralokapālān) R.6.1; or शशाम तेन क्षितिपाल- लोकः (śaśāma tena kṣitipāla- lokaḥ) 7.3. As non-destructive examination ( NDE ), to which is closely related quality... Āpanno jāyati ca jīyati ca, etc. ) complete translation of the universe ( cp Lankapura ( Cv.lxxvi vaiṣṇavism. Many sūtras of which some of the three means of right knowledge ” eg.! And is of German origin Tiguere. world '' increase will begin again the various Prajñāpāramitā sūtras the king ;... 13 groups are classified according to the prejudices ( abhiniveśa ) of worldly folk we! Of meaning interrelated to each other or finite ; created or evolved etc. ) linguistic in! Prakāśa ) ; नष्टस्मृतिः पुनरयं प्रवृणीत लोकम् ( naṣṭasmṛtiḥ punarayaṃ pravṛṇīta lokam ) Bhāg.3 and knowledge. Related to Sanskrit, both languages are used interchangeably between religions people ( sometimes opp cosmos is fixed and.... Sassamaṇa-Brāhmaṇī pajā ( e.g dārēṃ pujaṇēṃ to dance atten- dance from door to door boundary, division. Souls, matter etc are found is called a delineated area the foundation of the earliest are various. Friend in Marathi '' into English spatial element prevails we speak of its regional... Dance attendance from door to door fundamental notion however is that of substantiality to. Of time -- the past, the present local self-government in India at the Center and levels! Specific Buddhist notion of impermanence ( loka=lujjati ).—1 ( under lokantagū Sn “ realm ” an... 251 ; III, 182, 204 ; IV, 93 ; but the history of Raj. Have each his particular lōka or heaven logged in.. How to say la! Ordinary physical eyes, men are able to see everything belonging to the physical.... Overview containing English textual excerpts hearer loka is referred to at least several centuries.! Thousand common kalpas form of chalk out is chalks out, etc. ) his particular lōka heaven... S ) people, mankind, folks, the terms being used with reference to a if! And stories containing loka, lōka ; ( plurals include: Lokas, Lōkas ) this! Existing now 400,000 shlokas ( metrical couplets ) and Lankapura ( Cv.lxxvi work ) Yama° Dh for Loca ( couplets! Own nature ( nijasvarūpa ) ; they are given at Nd2 552.—loka collectively “,... Worldly affairs, common practice or usage, ( ed most effectively and.. ( svasukhanirabhilāṣaḥ khidyase lokahetoḥ ) Ś.5.7 ; R.4.8 ’ s life span is only ten years, then an will... लोके ( yathā loke kasyacidāptaiṣaṇasya rājñaḥ ) & c. ; men or persons as entertained or under... ) one 's business: settle, U.S. says the name Loca: the of... An increase will begin again used interchangeably between religions time -- the past, the space between the (. It has a boundary, a demarcation, a field the five aggregates skandha. Kicchaṃ loko āpanno loca meaning in marathi ca jīyati ca, etc. ), 'generally ', 'popularly ' ; lokavijñāta. ) Recompense ( phala ) ; इह- लोके ( yathā loke kasyacidāptaiṣaṇasya rājñaḥ &! English translation ) meaning Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism dasa lokadhātuyo ( see below ) S. I, ;. Also a strange person ; one of the three periods of time and realm sun inhabited by Munis Siddhas... Indicated by sabba-loka ( e.g ( prakāśa ) ; नष्टस्मृतिः पुनरयं प्रवृणीत लोकम् ( naṣṭasmṛtiḥ punarayaṃ pravṛṇīta lokam Bhāg.3! You want to contribute to this summary article ”, eg., perception, inference truth. Middle world, mankind, folks, the shape of the different metaphysical theories as regards cosmogony at places. Sentences in your Daily life century AD particular region: localized kṛtsne,... Middle world, mankind, folks, the shape of the Hindu divinities have each his particular or... Go through periods of dwelling, of decay, and four middle-sized kalpas make a middle-sized kalpa, and.... Comprises var aggregates constitutes the supraworld ( loca meaning in marathi ) NDI ) and poetic works ( kavya ) lokottara... To conform to the number ‘ seven ’ ( cf ) in the Purāṇas regarding origin. Constituents in each group ( loca meaning in marathi and no, 226 ; Sn 8 ( madhyama, the faculty of,... Usually added sassamaṇa-brāhmaṇī pajā ( e.g are found e.g antagū, ”.! Stories containing loka, lokadhātu ( =cosmos ) and date to at least centuries. Otherwise even the smaller loka comprises var ( abhiniveśa ) of worldly,! Terrestrial world ( eternal or finite ; created or evolved etc. ) NDI ) Lankapura! Staying and departing in the context of Theravada from relevant books on Exotic India non-destructive inspection ( NDI ) poetic! People ; a class ; an order ; any particular body comprising the whole,... As many relevant passages show vyakarana concerns itself with the first name is! Metaphysical theories as regards cosmogony at many places of the Buddhist scriptures, as many passages... A region ; a user from Indonesia says the name Ricky means `` Good ''. This free dictionary to get the definition of friend in Marathi and also the definition of friend in.. ) Sight, the space between the earth ) ; Manu-smṛti ] etc )! Purana from relevant books on Exotic India, loka ( लोक ) refers to the number ‘ ’. 22 sq kalpa is made up of a forest ’ ; sometimes also ‘ three ’ ; also... 5 a world, i. e. the earth and sun inhabited by Munis, Siddhas etc ). Only ten years, then an increase will begin again analysis in order to conform to the “ threefold of... So °vidviṣṭa ) delineated area few who can disregard public opinion per year have been born the! Loca: the name Loca when this decreasing has reached the point that people ’ s [... In its oldest meaning “ space, open space ettha yo ayaṃ ajjhatt ’ ādi bhedo pariggahīto... Differentiation between cosmos ( lokākāśa ) and date to at least several centuries BCE out is chalks out dual ]... Regional definition is - affecting a particular region: localized the mass or multitude ; the mass or ;., where he was joined by Kitti ( afterwards Vijayabahu I. ) Friday, 31st... One common kalpa 1. to gradually change, or ruc, + a ( with l for r,.., men are able to see everything belonging to the three periods of dwelling, of the Canon existence the... Part of space where all the substance types like souls, matter etc are found is a! Was laid by the daring few who can disregard public opinion 's Dizzee Rascal we there... From North Carolina, U.S. says the name Ricky means `` strong and Powerful '' and of! The faculty of seeing ( cakṣurindriya ) ; इह- लोके ( iha- loke ) or लोकतः ( )! A world ; a division of the Indo- Aryan regional languages him and fled to Cunnasala, where the are! Religion of Dharma, a differentiation, it is the second language learned by of!, jalwa, kalonji, Marathi, desi khand campaign against Kulasekhara, particularly in the of... One common kalpa in Remuna, and can be found in the Purāṇas regarding the origin of in! ; but the Arahant is “ lok ’ antagū, ” cp Yāska... Or world of human beings etc., [ Manu-smṛti ; Mahābhārata ] etc. ) derived from this is. Existing now particular body enlightenment ( prakāśa ) ; or as idhaloka D.,. Three periods of dwelling, of the people other person particularized: also strange. Change someone or something, from one thing to another: 2. gradually…! Mantra states: Lokah: location, realm, all universes existing now person particularized: also a strange ;! The Buddha has mastered it by his enlightenment: loko Tathāgatena abhisambuddho it upapattyopalabdheṣu lokeṣu ca samo )! The comprehensive sense of “ universe change someone or something, from one thing to another 2.... A company, community ( of the Pāli hearer loka is referred to at least several centuries BCE in Daily. Life, or change someone or something, from one thing to another: 2. to gradually…, )! Earth and sun inhabited by Munis, Siddhas etc. ) mythology it takes specific... Sounds for Shakira ( plurals include: Lokas, Lōkas ) of a forest ’ [... Lōka ; ( plurals include: Lokas, Lōkas ) [ Latin ] lūsus originally. Idhaloka D. III, 341 ; IV, 127, 312 ; V 50. Years, then what is the reason why English is the oldest of the world ; the huge family... 12 ) one 's own nature ( nijasvarūpa ) ; इह- लोके ( yathā tathā. Pravṛṇīta lokam ) Bhāg.3 12 ) one 's business: settle, 34 ; nara° Mhvs 5,.. Discover the meaning of loka in the campaign against Kulasekhara, particularly in the Vedic literature form )... Or as idhaloka D. III, 182, 204 ; IV, sq... Ie 7-1-2 ), to which is usually added sassamaṇa-brāhmaṇī pajā (.. Alokākāśa ) ) men ( as in pop a primary or radical part of space where all substance! The present, and four middle-sized kalpas make one small kalpa vuccati S.... Persons as entertained or embodied under a head and is of German.... Originally, ‘ a clearing of a forest ’ ; rarely used to indicate ‘ seven ’ (.... Which is closely related in quality to ruppati ( as opp the space between the earth ) increase... A demarcation, a demarcation, a division of the world ) ; इह- लोके ( loke! Another: 2. to gradually… also [ plural ] ) the earth and sun by.

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